Since purchasing a second-gen Zune back in 2007 I started following Microsoft closely to see where next for Metro. Windows Phone happened and I loved it so much I felt this uncontrollable desire to design + develop for it. And so any little free time1 I had went towards the development of my first ever app: Appy Weather, which was launched in 2014. Yes, another weather app. But it wasn't. With an unconventional design + pricing model ($3.99 for a weather app? Good luck!), I wasn't expecting it to be for everyone. And it wasn't. But people who did take a "chance" on it were generally delighted.

Unfortunately Windows Phone 8's ever-shrinking market share forced me to re-evaluate my next move. Microsoft aggressively pushing UWP development was however timely and managed to set aside any concerns I had (at least for the time being). There's an opportunity here that entices me: ~500 million users (and growing) are not numbers I was ever accustomed to as WP8 dev. I know converting those Windows users into Windows Store consumers won't be easy. But I'm cautiously optimistic as I can see clearly that to Microsoft UWP is a long-term play. That sense of insecurity and anxiety I routinely felt as a Windows Phone dev has been replaced with positive vibes. And, so, after a two year hiatus, Appy Text marks my return to Windows development. Hopefully the first of many.

If you're interested in the thoughts + experiences of an indie dev on the Microsoft platform who cares about the little things, you'll find them here.

Thanks for reading.

-- Bardi