Appy Text is a charmingly simple and beautifully minimalist text editor with a design that puts the focus on your words. It's super fast and lightweight making for an awesome writing environment. I built Appy Text because I wanted to write more but couldn't find an app on Windows that I enjoyed writing in.

πŸ’»πŸ“± IT'S A UWP

That means it runs on PC, tablet and phone. It's been carefully optimised so that you get the best possible experience on all three - Appy Text doesn't play favourites and is friendly to keyboard, mouse and touch equally.


If you're a Notepad user and have been looking for a modern alternative, then look no further. And by paying a small price to go Premium, you get a number of worthwhile extras. Like tabs. Auto-saving. Markdown support. Dark and sepia themes. Focus Mode. And, last but not least, you'll make an indie developer happy. There's a 30-day free Premium trial to help you decide.

Get it on Windows 10


After getting a Zune back in 2007, I started following Microsoft closely to see where next for Metro. Windows Phone happened and I loved it so much I built my first ever app in 2014: Appy Weather, the most personal weather app. Two years later, Appy Text marks my return to Windows development - I hope you enjoy using it as much as I did building it. If you're interested in the thoughts + experiences of an indie dev on the Microsoft platform who cares about the little things, you'll find them at mtrostyle.net (or you can subscribe to its RSS feed). You can catch me on Twitter @mtrostyle.

-- Bardi