Appy Weather

The most personal weather app.
Made for Windows Phone.


Appy Weather is fast and fluid. Powerful yet simple. Modern.

So are many other weather apps?


But what makes Appy Weather different is that it's personal.

Every pixel.

Every word.

Appy Weather boasts a unique and intuitive card interface that describes the weather for the next seven days in simple, familiar language. But if you prefer numbers and charts, it's there too in abundance.

Powered by's wide range of data sources, Appy Weather also provides the most accurate forecast possible for any location in the world, as well as minute-to-minute predictions for the next hour when it's raining in the US, UK or Ireland (note: minute-by-minute forecasts for additional regions is planned).

You can add as many locations as you want, so you can keep an eye on the weather where your friends and family are, or where you're off on holiday to.

Severe weather alerts and rain + snow toast notifications are also supported, so you can be notified whenever any form of bad weather is imminent.

Finally, and most importantly, there are numerous transparent live tile options to pick from. Many sleepless nights were spent to ensure Appy Weather's live tiles update reliably throughout the day.

Appy Weather.

The most personal weather app.

With the most accurate weather + most reliable live tile.

Made for Windows Phone.

Pay $3.99, get it all.

Try it out for 3 days. See for yourself.

In the meanwhile, here are some first impressions..

By Bardi Golriz

Twitter: @appyweather