Adobe's Christian Cantrell observing Windows 10 through the eyes of a Mac user:

If you hadn’t been keeping up with Windows, and you were to walk into a Microsoft store to play around with the latest and greatest in Windows hardware and software, you would almost certainly be blown away by how modern and polished the experience has become. In some respects, it might even make macOS look a tiny bit dated. But buy a Windows computer, take it home, and start using it as your daily driver, and very soon you’ll begin to encounter vestiges of versions past. You will encounter multiple ways of accomplishing the same things, seemingly different configuration options which actually compete with one another, other similar configuration options which aren’t associated with one another at all, and sometimes even more than one version of the same application. You’ll see fonts rendered differently, menus stashed in different places, and wildly different UI conventions. With the new and emergent Fluent Design System, we might even be about to get yet another design language woven into the Windows 10 experience before discrepancies in the old ones have been fully reconciled or eliminated.

Mac users are Mac users because of the software - the craftsmanship of not only MacOS but its third-party apps. Especially so these days when you consider the recent Windows hardware renaissance.

Monday, July 10 - 11:44 pm


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