Microsoft has introduced a new font with the latest Windows Insider build:

Bahnschrift is our own rendition of the DIN font standard. Apart from being the standard road sign font in Germany and much of Europe, DIN is frequently used by graphic designers for its high legibility and clean, hard-working design style. Bahnschrift supports a smooth spectrum of weights from Light to Bold, as you can see in the above image. In this image, each letter is a slightly different weight than its neighbors. All these weights are “duplexed” – meaning they do not change in width when you change weight. You can switch from Light to Bold without changing the layout at all.

It looks good. I've been a fan of the Segoe font family but it's been starting to show its age (especially after Apple and Google updated their system font). For the Fluent Design System to be wholly considered the next chapter in Microsoft's design language it needs distinct typography. I was actually surprised nothing was revealed when Fluent was announced, and would have liked more clarity in today's notes on Bahnschrift's role going forward.

Wednesday, August 23 - 10:02 pm


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