Dan Thorp-Lancaster of Windows Central reporting that the Windows Dev Center app is coming to Android:

Microsoft is currently working on a dedicated Windows Dev Center app for Android. Spotted by Android Police (via MSPU), the app is currently available on the Google Play Store as an early alpha version marked with an (Unreleased) tag.

If you're a Windows developer, much of what you've come to expect from the Dev Center will be available here upon full release.

This is actually something I was thinking about recently: how convenient it'd be to be able to monitor Appy Text's performance on the go without needing to depend on the not-so-great Dev Center website. But I didn't actually expect it to be in development. It's one thing for Microsoft to move their consumer apps to iOS and Android. It's something else entirely when they do the same with an app targetted towards Windows developers. It's an implicit admission by Microsoft that Windows developers are joining its users in abandoning Windows Mobile. Works for me.

Monday, July 31 - 10:22 pm


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